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Meet Your Peace Provider


About T'sheena

Hi there!

My name is T’sheena Norris and I am the owner of In Perfect Peace Massage. I am a licensed massage therapist with over 12 years of experience. In Perfect Peace Massage is committed to inspire healthier lifestyles. I am able to do just that through the assistance of one’s own desires and efforts to raise or maintain their state of well being. I provide knowledge of various elements of eastern medicine, while supporting western medicine and experience which goes slightly beyond that of traditional studies.  Although relaxation is the main goal I also provide therapy from specialized certifications to reinforce recovery and rehabilitation. I am committed to assisting the body in the restoration of its physical, mental and emotional functions.

After graduating from Living Arts Institute in Winston Salem, North Carolina, I became a massage therapist and set out to help better the lives of my clients through progressive therapies. There, I was trained with over 800 hours in modalities including but not limited to Asian bodywork, integrated deep tissue, and sports massage. I now specialize in integrated massage therapy which uses a combination of these modalities for customization of a relaxing yet effective massage. Outside of traveling, I also enjoys cooking, relaxing and being an inspiration to others.


T'sheena's Philosophy

The fact that I am so passionate about my work makes it easier for me to help facilitate experiences to bring clients relief which, to me, is PEACE. One important philosophy I always remember is that "you can't pour from an empty cup" and I strive to restore myself with such therapies, which makes massage therapy an important facet of my lifestyle as well as my profession. My mobile massage business helps to take the stress out of planning that much needed time to restore oneself. 


Why choose mobile massage? 

Most conveniently, mobile massage is often ideal for those who work from home, have a busy schedule or where traveling is rather challenging. Providing the space in your home allows me to bring the relaxation into your sanctuary. If in home massage is not the best for your time of peace, no need to worry! I will gladly assist you at our studio facility located in Talmo. 

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